Vintgar Gorge: Everything You Need to Know

Vintgar gorge

One of the most visited and known sights in the area of Bled, Vintgar gorge is a 1600 meters (almost a mile) long canyon of Radovna river. Its natural beauty, emerald waters of Radovna, high cliffs above the stream and even some small waterfalls attract plenty of visitors every year.

The gorge was known for locals pretty well and, most likely, for pretty long period of time. But due to its location, high natural stone walls above the water and lack of any accessibility by trails it remained unexplored for quite a time. It's only at the end of XIX century, when after some researches the first wooden paths and bridges were built here.

Since that time, as Bled became a popular resort, Vintgar is one of the TOP destinations in the area. Every year thousands and thousands of visitors come here every year to experience its natural beauty.


Length of Vintgar gorge is 1600 meters (about a mile)

The gorge is located about 4 kilometers northwest from Bled

Price is 10 euro per adult, 3 euro per child 6-15yo

Parking price: P1 (entrance) 10 euro for 2,5 hours, P3 (distant parking) 7 euro for 4 hours

Opening hours of Vintgar gorge depend on season, can be 9.00-17.00 in May, June, October or 7.30-19.00 in July and August. Please check the official website for more accurate information

How to get to Vintgar gorge?

There are a few ways how to get and explore the gorge. You can take a transfer. Transfers are offered a few times a day from Bled and area. You can book one of these:

Mamut shuttle 0038640 121 900
Bled shuttle 0038631 490 401

Free shuttles from Bled are available in July and August. Click the official website for more information

You can drive to main parking lot P1 and leave the car there (10 euro). Also you can drive to a distant parking lot (P3), and take a transfer from there. Please mind, that it is prohibited for motorhomes to park on the closest parking lot (P1). Another option is to park in Blejska Dobrava (P4) and walk from there. But this will work only if you have a lot of time and do not mind a long hike: this parking lot is much closer to the exit, than to the entrance.

You can take a tour and stop caring about such unimportant stuff.

Tip from slovenian guide: It's also very important to know, that the walk through the gorge is much more than 1600 meters, as you need to come back to the car. Basically there is only one trail through it (moreover at the moment it's a one way trail and you won't be allowed to walk back the same way), but a few options how to get back. I usually suggest my guests to drop them off on the entrance and pick up on the exit (this saves a lot of time). On the other hand, walk back by the long road offers beautiful views of Alpine landscape.

If you take short (but more difficult) way back from the exit, the whole walk will be about 3,5 km (2 miles) and 2,5 hours. If you take long (but easier) way back to P1, it's going to be 5-5,5 km (3,5 miles) and 3-3,5 hours)

Where to buy the tickets to Vintgar gorge? 

I would highly recommend to buy tickets in advance here. June to September the gorge, sometimes, become very busy. And first you are going to hit a queue to the ticket office, followed by the queue to the entrance itself. Not the most exciting experience! So go to their official website, pick the date and time slot and buy the tickets in advance.

Tip from slovenian guide: make sure to be in time, your slot is only 20 min.

When is the best to visit Vintgar gorge?

In many guides you can find the information, that it's much better to find early in the morning to avoid queues. From some point it still works, but only for one reason: it's much easier to park the car in the morning. But as for the visit itself, season 2023 proved, that now the only way to avoid queues is to buy tickets in advance: queues to ticket office at 8am in July-September is a usual thing. Still visiting in April-May or October would be much more intimate and private.

Tip from slovenian guide: buy the tickets in advance on the official website!

Where to eat? 

There are very small cafes on the entrance and exit. And also some on the ways back from the exit to entrance, like Jurcek next to St. Katherine's church and cool Natour Bar on the shorter way back. By the way, you can also book a transfer to Vintgar and some other activiities on their website.

Accessibility of Vintgar gorge

A visit, basically, involves a hike. Even the shortest route through the gorge, with pick up point on the opposite side will be about 2 km, with a few dozens steps up and down. Make sure to wear appropriate shoes.

The most important tips from slovenian guide:

  • buy the tickets in advance and come in time
  • wear appropriate shoes and be ready for a hike