Lake Bohinj in Slovenia: Tranquil Beauty

Lake Bohinj

Perhaps, we can't name Slovenia "the land of lakes", but here we can find quite plenty of those. Officially there are more than 1200 bigger and smaller ones all over the country. Some areas, like Kras, have less of water reservoirs and some, like Gorenjska, have more. Certainly, the most known of these lakes is Bled , truly iconic destination in Slovenia. But only 30 km away we can find not less stunning and much less busy lake, with a name Bohinj.

Bohinj Lake - Slovenia Private Tours

Bohinj Lake - Slovenia Private Tours

Bohinj is one of the biggest lakes of Slovenia, it is 4 km (2,5 miles) long and 1,5 km (almost a mile) wide with the depths up to 40 meters. During summer months the temperature of water grows to 23-24C (73-75F) and the lake becomes very popular among the locals and, sometimes visitors of Slovenia. There are a few camps and caravan camps around the lake and it's gently sloping shores appear to become quite comfortable beach areas.

In addition there are electric boats to navigate the lake May till October and provide a possibility to reach distant part of Bohinj.



Length of lake Bohinj is 4 km (2,5 miles)

Depth of lake Bohinj is up to 44 m

The gorge is located about 30 kilometers drive southwest from Bled

Parking price: 1-3 euro per hour

More information about Bohinj on the official website 

How to get to lake Bohinj?

There are a few ways how to get and explore lake Bohinj. If you are not travelling with a tour, the most common way is public transportation - buses. There are plenty that will bring you to Ribcev Laz and Stara Fuzina. From here you can take a walk around or to take a boat to another side of the lake. Please mind, that the trail around the lake is about 11 km (7 miles).

Tip from local guide: there are trains that reach the area of lake Bohinj, but not the lake itself. So I wouldn't advise to use railway to reach this destination.

What are the activities on lake Bohinj? 

Bohinj is very popular as a summer destination for swimming/sunbathing among the locals. Besides that the area boasts with variety of activities all year round.

In summer

  • kayaking and canoeing. Whether it's your first time/you are an amateur/experienced kayaker, you will find an option for you! The lake itself doesn't have an intensive flow and suitable for beginners and families with kids. On the other hand river Sava Bohinjka, which starts from the lake, is more challenging and would be suitable for more experienced. If you are interested in these activities, check here
  • paragliding is very popular in the area. Triglav national part is beautiful and the views from up there are marvelous. For more information click here
  • Vogel cable car. You can ascend the height of 1535 meters above sea level to watch magnificent views. In winter time this area is a popular ski resort. For more information visit the official website.

Where to eat? 

There are quite a lot of nice restaurants in the area and they serve descent and various food. Personally my favourite one (and it's also loved by the locals) is Gostilna Pr' Pristavc . They serve great slovenian food. Just mind the portions: those are big!

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia