Ljubljana Private Walking Tour

They say that in SLOVEnia one can find the word LOVE both in the name of country and it's capital. "Ljub" is a quite common for many slavic languages word, which stands for "love" also. And by a coincidence, falling in love with Ljubljana in particular is the same easy as with Slovenia in common.

The first known settlement here was Roman fortified town of Emona, which was founded no later than 14 A.D. But we know for sure that there were much more ancient villages here, on both banks of Ljubljanica river. By the way, this river actually gave the name to the modern city. This area and local rivers and lakes, according to legend, were part of a returning route of Jason and argonauts, of ancient Greek myths. Until 1918 Ljubljana was known with it's German name Laibach and only during Yugoslavian times started to be named with it's original slavic name.

Ljubljana is an outstanding mix of architectural styles! City center can be divided into Baroque part of XVII-XVIII centuries and Modern Art-Nouveaux area of early XX century. Walking the city includes the most famous bridges of Ljubljana: Tromostovje (Three Bridges), Zmajski most (Dragon bridge), Cobblers bridge and others. During our tour the old streets of Ljubljana are definately going to reveal their secrets to you.

Approximate duration1,5-2 hours
Total walking distance2 km
PriceEuro 70