Predjama Castle: Something Different

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle (Predjamski Grad) is one of the most known attractions of Slovenia. It is literally embed into a cliff and looks like no other castle in the world! Also known as the biggest cave castle in the world Predjamski grad is something you shouldn't miss when in Slovenia.

Castle's history begins somewhere before year 1274, when it was mentioned for the first time. For quite a long period it used to be a property of Lueger family, local noblemen. Among those there was Erazem Predjamski, who became the most known owner of the castle. He used to own the castle at the end of XV century and there are quite a lot of legends and stories about him, his relations with Matias Korvinus and Austrian emperor. I would be happy to tell you some of the legends on our tour, but to make long story short: most likely he was sieged and killed in his castle by austrians.

After that the castle changed owners a few times: Oberburg and Purgstall families, Janez Cobenzlu, count Mihael Coronini-Cronberg, Windischgratz family... After WW2 it was nationalised by socialist government of Yugoslavia and finally became a museum.

Through all the history, the castle was rebuilt and renovated many times. The reasons for that were also different: modernisation, expansion, earthquakes and will of new owners. Even in XX century the castle went through a few renovations, which affected it's exterior and interior look.

How to get to Predjama castle?

Possibilities of public transportation are limited here. A few times a day you can catch a bus from Ljubljkana to pass Predjama village. There are shuttles from Postojna cave to Predjama castle, but those operate only in July and August. The best way to get here is to take a tour (euro 60-80 for a half-day group tour from Ljubljana) or a taxi (euro 80-100 one way). As an option you can ask me to combine an exciting private tour itinerary for you!

If you travel by car, here is the address you need: Predjama 1, 6230 Predjama . Exact location of the closest parking: 45.81454671536154, 14.129031269607388

Tip from slovenian guide: before the visit check the schedule of Predjama castle opening hours here

Where to buy the tickets to Predjama castle?

You can always buy tickets in ticket office next to the castle (it's in the cafe, just after the parking area) or on official website for euro 17,5.

Tip from slovenian guide: you can buy combined tickets for Postojna cave and Predjama castle, and thus get some discount.

When to visit Predjama castle?

During summer time Predjama castle becomes quite crowded, but it offers easier access with shuttle service. Anyway it's unique and exciting all year long, you just need to remember to check the working hours.

Tip from slovenian guide: Predjama castle is quite a challenging place to visit! Due to its location, inside you will face lots of narrow, slippery and steep steps. Please mind this planning your visit!

Most important tips from the guide:

  • Check the working hours
  • Check the bus schedule
  • Remember about considerable amount of steep steps inside