Postojna Cave: Slovenian Wonder!

Postojna Cave  (Postojnska Jama)

Postojna cave is one of the most important and iconic destinations in Slovenia. Just one simple fact: it got electric lights inside 10 years before Ljubljana, modern day capital of the country. The cave is opened for visitors for more than two hundred years and boasts the first underground cave railway in the world. It is also known as the "Queen of Caves" and that is, certainly, for reason.

By the way, don't let all this fact to fool you and make you think that it's a kind of "disneyland experience", because it's nothing like that: the cave is incredibly opulent and colourful, it's a true natural wonder.

Slovenia can be named the world's capital of caves. Yes, there are bigger and longer caves than here, but it's the first area where the caves were explored and opened for visitors. Among 5000 of Slovenian caves two are the most known: Postojna cave and Škocjan cave. It's very difficult, almost impossible, to say which one of them is more interesting and impressive, so different they are. But Postojna cave (Postojnska jama) is certainly the most known and visited.

At the moment we know about 25 km of underground labyrinths, but the cave is longer it is connected to others and it's just a matter of time to find and explore new passages.

The cave boasts underground railway (by the way it's a single in Slovenia) and provides absolutely unforgettable experience, which we can easily name “lifetime”.

One more impressive and known destination near by is Predjama castle, which is almost the same iconic as the cave is and only 9 km away. That is the main reason for tour provider usually to combine this two sights in a single tour. Besides that you get a discount if buy a combined ticket for cave+castle.

How to get to Postojna cave?

Public transportation (buses from Ljubljana and other cities to Postojna depart a few times a day (5-10 euro one way). Some bused can bring you to the cave directly, but most of them will drop you off on Postojna bus station, which is about 15 minutes walk from the cave. Taxi from Ljubljana (euro 80-100 one way).

Tip from slovenian guide: Please mind, that Predjama castle is situated in a few kilometers away and there is almost no public transportation between the cave and the castle. Shuttles between these two sights only operate in July-August.

If you would like to get to the cave by car, the address is: Jamska cesta, 30
6230 Postojna and that's location of the main parking 45.78120437064968, 14.203371373949999

Tip from slovenian guide: Please check the schedule of cave opening hours here

Where to buy the tickets to Postojna cave?

You can by tickets online here to avoid queues or at the cash desk next to the cave. The price is euro 28-31 (depending on the season) per person. If you are going to visit both Postojna cave and Predjama castle (or vivarium and other museums of the area) it's cheaper to buy combined tickets. Tip from slovenian guide: Please mind, that during high season/holiday tome they, sometimes, run out of tickets. One more important thing is that you need to be there 30 min before the entrance time. Here is official website link to buy the tickets.

When is the best to visit Postojna cave?

Postojna cave is one of the most visited places in Slovenia, so it might be crowded in summer. So it's much easier to visit it out of the season, but need to mind working hours. Inside the cave it's always +9-10C, so the temperature difference is also not so much noticeable in winter. It's absolutely #1 place to visit if you come to Slovenia in Christmas time: musical performances take place in the cave and those are certainly forth visiting.

The cave is accessible almost for everyone.

Most important tips from the guide:

  • Buy tickets in advance to avoid queues
  • Bring warm clothes with you
  • Be there 30 min before
  • Mind the temperature inside (+9-10C or 50-52F)