Krizna Jama (Cross Cave)

Lakes hiding their uniqueness below the surface

Križna Cave is considered one of the most beautiful and best-preserved caves in Slovenia. The vast num-
ber of animals living within, makes it one of the inhabited cave systems in the world. The cave is home to
22 lakes of a beautiful emerald colour, which are connected by a crystal clear underground stream. If we include the Blatnik tunnel, the number of lakes is forty-five. There is also an island inside the cave.

In numerous side-tunnels, visitors can discover many old bones of long-extinct cave bears, which are sure to surprise with their sheer size. Walking along the paths that were once trodden by these large cave bears, admiring the flooded tunnels, stalag mites and stalagtites, mighty cave-ins and spacious halls, and especially rowing on the emerald surface of the lakes are all unforgettable experiences.
The lakes of Krizna Cave remind us that crystal clear water and unique experiences are sometimes hidden
underneath the surface. Hidden from the eyes of those who dare not look into the depths.