Jasna Lake (Jezero Jasna)

The marvelous and scenery Jasna Lake is located next to confluence of mountain rivers Mala and Velika Pišnica. It is one of the most known and outstanding sights of Kranjska Gora. The lake has a magnificent background view of two mountain peaks, Razor and Prisank, so a walk around the lake is a true bliss for the eyes and a treasure for photographers. Also, from a distance, you also able to see Prisank natural window, one of the largest natural mountain windows in Slovenia.

The lake is a fly-fishing paradise, swimming is reserved for the brave, as even in summer, the water is quite cold. You can, however, sunbathe on the wooden piers by the lake, refresh yourself at the local restaurant, paddle a SUP, read a book that can be borrowed by the lake, rest on deck chairs and climb the six-metre high viewing platform to enjoy the view of the Julian Alps.
Near the viewing tower there is also a circular Kneipp path made of stones through which cool mountain water flows. Walking on those stones is a real experience and has beneficial effects on the feet.

Jasna Lake offers perfect symmetry of clear mountain reflections every time, but they always appear different due to the position of the light and clouds.