Best Ljubljana Hotels 2024

Ivan Vurnik's House in Ljubljana

Welcome to Ljubljana! A charming, cosy and green capital of Slovenia. They say that Slovenia is the only country, consisting LOVE in the name. Moreover the name of capital city has the same peculiarity, but only slavs would notice that: "lyub" is a common root for many slavic languages and depending on the language might be translated as "love" or "favourite". So falling in love with Slovenian is as easy as with it's vibrant capital!

Ljubljana has everything to enjoy! It's quite a small city of only 400000 inhabitants, but it's very green and gained "The Green Capital of Europe" reward in 2016. It's not yet that overcrowded and might be even called underrated, which is a huge advantage for visitors! Morteover Ljubljana is a perfect place to stay if you aim to explore Slovenia and the neighbouring countries. The city location is a geographical center of Slovenia, when Slovenia itself stands on the crossroad between Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Which means that even a single day trip allows you to visit 2-3 countries! Check the Private Tours page for more information!

Ljubljana is full of nice boutique accommodations, bed&breakfast hostels and business hotels. Here are a few of them: top rated, boasting a great location and looking forward to see you as their most precious guests! All of those are situated within 10-15 minutes walk from historical "musts" of Ljubljana and approximately the same close to the city bus/train station. Some are located in pedestrian zone and are not reachable by car/taxi. But the furthest walking distance to the closest pick-up/drop-off point does not exceed 150 meters, so it shouldn't be an issue. Parking though is an issue for most of these hotels as it's often limited and expensive. I would advise you to check the availability twice and in advance.

Please check the approximate prices and addresses below the article!

And here are best affordable restaurants in Ljubljana!

Ljubljana Hotels


Intercontinental Hotel


InterContinental is definately one of the best hotels in Ljubljana, according to hundreds of reviews! The same as the tallest one so the upper floors might be one of the best viewpoints of the city. InterContinental boasts 165 comfortable and light rooms, varied breakfast and SPA with a perfect views. Opened in 2017 it's quite a modern 5* hotel and might be perfect, especially for business trips.

Possible disadvantages: price (also for parking), SPA is often crowded, Gym noise on the upper floor, all the toiletries (bath sets, cotton buds, toothbrushes) are upon request.

Grand Plaza

Grand Plaza Ljubljana


Grand Plaza Hotel which looks, from the first spot, like a sister to InterContinental rise for 81 meters and provides great opportunities for business (and not only) travellers. Opened in spring 2021 with it's 356 rooms Grand Plaza is one of the most modern and comfortable accommodations in Ljubljana. Great breakfast, friendly staff, elaborated rooms with lots of air and space and 5-min walking distance to the very historical city-center.

Possible disadvantages: price (including parking), possible lack of coffee-machines on breakfast, tiny luggage compartments in the rooms, possibly uncomfortable pillows, bath tub might be smaller and less organised than necessary.

Lev Hotel

Exe Lev Hotel


A 201-room, partly modernised hotel with a very nice location. 5 minutes walk to the main pedestrian zone from one side, 5 minutes walk to Tivoli park area from another. Also one of the hotels which are easy reachable by car.

Possible disadvantages: only part of rooms are modernised (some are quite scuffy - check in advance), breakfast is nice, but the restaurant can be overcrowded. There is a busy road just in front of the hotel and (for February 2023) there are running construction works just across the road. Occasionally the guests face some issues with AC and heating.

City Hotel Ljubljana

City Hotel


A descent 3* hotel with a perfect location and of 207 rooms at your service. Renovated rooms and ample breakfast within 3 minutes walk from Preseren square and Dragon bridge. Definately worth considering and checking the reviews on Booking.

Possible disadvantages: poor parking availability (check twice to reserve a parking place), soundproof is not perfect (busy street outside) and the pillows do not suit everyone.

Best Western Hotel Slon

Hotel Slon Ljubljana


One of the best options if you want to see modern and vibrant Ljubljana. Hotel Slon is located on Slovenska cesta (Slovenian street), which has limited transport access. Taking the first step out of the hotel you find yourself almost in the center of Slovenian life. What can be better if you want to feel the city? Also check "Zvezda" lounge on the ground floor with it's delicious local cakes and great coffee.

Possible disadvantages: limited transport access (make sure that you know how to get and where to park), some rooms need renovation and basic are tiny. Also part of rooms have perfect "grey wall" view - check in advance if that is an issue.

Eurostar uHotel

Eurostar uHotel Ljubljana

Eurostar uHotel

Built in 1979 and renovated a few times this 203-rooms hotel boasts some magnificent views of Ljubljana castle and surroundings. Of course if you are lucky enough as that applies only to some of the rooms. Beautiful Vurnik's house is just opposite the street and Preseren's square is behind the corner. Add to this a very ample and tasty breakfast and here is one of the hotels which definately worth considering.

Possible disadvantages: parking space (especially on holidays), some rooms need renovation, some guests face a lack of hot water, SPA is overcrowded on holidays.

Grand Hotel Union Ljubljana

Grand Hotel Union

Grand Union Hotel

Oh! That's a living history. You are going to stay in a hotel, built in early XX century and representing Atr Nouveaux architectural style, which is so popular in this part of Ljubljana. One of the best locations to enjoy the city, charming old-fashioned restaurant on the ground floor, nice breakfasts... By the way, the hotel houses the first and oldest movie-theaters in Ljubljana.

Possible disadvantages: parking (as everywhere in this area), SPA and pool can be overcrowded, coffee for breakfast is not perfect. Location in the very city center may cause extra noise.

Cubo Hotel

Cubo Hotel Ljubljana

Cubo Hotel Ljubljana

With it's 26 rooms and, arguably, perfect breakfast Cubo hotel also boasts it's really friendly and professional staff. Cosy and located very close to the main Ljubljana pedestrian areas it might be one of the best starting grounds for exploring the city.

Possible disadvantages: some rooms may seem dark, construction works on the opposite side of the street (February 2023), comparatively busy street.

Urban Hotel Ljubljana

Urban Hotel

Urban Hotel Ljubljana

An actually "urban' boutique-hotel, operating in 1938 living house welcomes you to stay in one of it's 33 comfortable rooms. The rooms provide enough space almost for everyone, breakfast is ample and variable and location is central, but comparatively quiet.

Possible disadvantages: rooms may seem cold during winter time, closest parking area in about 5 min walk.

Art Hotel

Art Hotel Ljubljana

Art Hotel Ljubljana

A nice and small hotel situated in an old house within pedestrian zone provides it's guests with modern and light rooms and sufficient breakfast. Some events often take place in the bar ion the ground floor, so it's an interesting place to socialise. Located a little aside from the main sights and routs in the erea almost non-reachable by cars make it quite quiet and peaceful.

Possible disadvantages: some guests can be not satisfied with the breakfast (though I've found it very decent), almost no possibility to drive to the very hotel and complete lack of parking area.

Center Hotel

Center Hotel Ljubljana

Center Hotel Ljubljana

You want an hotel with central location and reasonable price? So Center is actually in the very center and not that expensive. Besides it has been recently modernised, boasts with friendly staff and very nice breakfasts. Slovenska street is the very place to stay if you want to jump into the city life from the first step out of the hotel.

Possible disadvantages: busy street, the walls are not that soundproof, no outlets next to the bed (in some rooms), small bathrooms.

Slamic Hotel

Slamic Hotel Ljubljana

Slamic Hotel Ljubljana

A nice and small 17-rooms hotel on a comparatively quiet street. Ample breakfasts, cosy and modern rooms and even private parking area (tiny though). Strange thing: the hotel doesn't have any complaining reviews during previous 2-3 months, even throughout the holidays. Worth checking!

Possible disadvantages: lack of soundproof, a night club on the opposite side of the street.

Hotel Heritage

Hotel Heritage Ljubljana


A 20-rooms boutique hotel, located right on the bank of Ljubljanica river. Arguably perfect place to feel the old city and to walk it's ancient street. And in the evening to sit in a cafe behind the corner and to watch the panoramic views of the river and Ljubljana castle. Ample breakfasts, friendly staff and comfortable rooms.

Possible disadvantages: basic rooms with atrium views may seem dark, the breakfast area as comparatively tiny.

Approximate price range and address:

Name of Hotel Price per Night (Double Room) - July Price per Night (Double Room) - February Address
InterContinental Ljubljana €200 €120 Slovenska cesta 59, 1000 Ljubljana
Grand Plaza Ljubljana €180 €110 Slovenska cesta 60, 1000 Ljubljana
Exe Lev Ljubljana €120 €80 Vošnjakova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
City Hotel Ljubljana €110 €80 Dalmatinova ulica 15, 1000 Ljubljana
Best Western Premier Hotel Slon Ljubljana €140 €100 Slovenska cesta 34, 1000 Ljubljana
Eurostars UHotel Ljubljana €120 €80 Miklošičeva cesta 3, 1000 Ljubljana
Grand Hotel Union €160 €120 Miklošičeva cesta 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Hotel Cubo €150 €120 Slovenska cesta 15, 1000 Ljubljana
Urban Hotel Ljubljana €110 €80 Štefanova ulica 4, 1000 Ljubljana
Art Hotel Ljubljana €130 €80 Soteska 8, 1000 Ljubljana
Center Hotel Ljubljana €80 €60 Slovenska cesta 51, 1000 Ljubljana
Hotel Slamic Ljubljana €110 €90 Kersnikova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Heritage Hotel Ljubljana €150 €110 Čevljarska ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana


Note: Prices are approximate and subject to change depending on availability and other factors.