Best Affordable Restaurants in Ljubljana 2024

Best Ljubljana Restaurants with Reasonable Prices

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is renowned for its stunning architecture, picturesque bridges, and scenic river views. But what about the food scene? Well, the good news is that Ljubljana has a thriving culinary culture that offers an array of cuisines to satisfy every palate. And the even better news? You don't have to break the bank to enjoy some mouth-watering meals in the city. In this article, we've compiled a list of the top 10 cheap or affordable restaurants in Ljubljana that will tantalize your taste buds without draining your wallet.


  1. Olimpija Burek: Local Street Food
  2. Druga Violina: Socially Responsible Dining
  3. Ljubljanski Dvor: Nice Pizza Place
  4. Hood Burger: Juicy Burgers
  5. Falafel: Middle Eastern Delights
  6. Parma: Pizza From Yugoslavia
  7. Klobasarna: Sausage Heaven
  8. Sarajevo 84: True Balkan Taste
  9. Pop's Place: American Diner Classics
  10. Moji Struklji: Best Local Dumplings

Olimpija Burek

Of course we have to be realistic and in 2024 it's only some "Burek" street foods where you can grab something for 3-4 euro. So if you want something cheap and fast, preferably take-away - this is #1 choice! Burek (basically means "pie") is a traditional food for Turkey and almost all the Balkan region as it once experienced a huge Turkish influence. Stuffed with meat, cheese, potato or being something typical only fro Ljubljana (like pica burek) it became one of the most typical local street foods. When looking for the best burek, check Olimpija as the most traditional and, arguably, the tastiest.

Druga Violina: Socially Responsible Dining

Kranjska klobasa in Druga Violina

Kranjska klobasa in Druga Violina


Druga Violina is a unique restaurant that's not just about serving delicious food but also making a social impact. The restaurant employs people with disabilities, providing them with work opportunities and promoting social inclusion. Their menu features a range of dishes, from Slovenian specialties to vegetarian options.

Local dishes taste like home made and the restaurant offers a variety of traditional slovenian foods, including krjnska klobasa, struklji and gibanica. Prices are affordable, with most dishes ranging from €10-€14.

Ljubljanski Dvor: Nice Pizza Place

It works like this: from one side of a building we have quite a cozy a restaurant, from another pizza by slices for take away. Both are good and tasty, so highly recommended. Variety of pizzas is considerable, but it's not the same with pastas and salads. Still a nice and reasonably priced place for lunch or dinner.

Hood Burger: Juicy Burgers

If you're in the mood for a juicy burger, head to Hood Burger. This popular burger joint serves up some of the best burgers in Ljubljana, with options like the classic cheeseburger and the spicy chicken burger. Prices are affordable, with most burgers priced between €6-€10.

Falafel: Middle Eastern Delights

Falafel is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves up delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. Their menu features falafel wraps, shawarmas, and hummus plates, all made with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Prices are affordable, with most dishes ranging from €6-€10.

Parma: Yugoslavia's First Pizza Place

Parma Pizza, Ljubljana

Parma Pizza, Ljubljana

Pizzeria Parma is something truly iconic! Imagine Yugoslavia, year 1974. An 1,5 drive from Ljubljana and here is Italy, but socialist state is closed from any influences from outside and the first pizza place in the whole country is opened here only now. Just make sure that you come here not to try "the best pizza in your life"! I would even state that it's not actually that italian pizza everyone is used to. It's something local, something that comes from that socialist time...and completely unique.

Price for a pizza is €8-€12.

Klobasarna: Sausage Heaven

For all the sausage lovers out there, Klobasarna is the perfect spot. This small restaurant specializes in traditional Slovenian sausages, served in a variety of ways. From the classic kranjska klobasa to spicy čevapčiči, Klobasarna has something for everyone. Prices are affordable, with most dishes priced between €5-€8.

Sarajevo 84: True Balkan Taste

Sarajevo 84, Ljubljana

Sarajevo 84, Ljubljana

Restaurant Sarajevo 84 is a cozy eatery located in the heart of Ljubljana, offering traditional Balkan cuisine at affordable prices. The restaurant is decorated in a rustic style, with wooden tables and chairs and traditional Balkan decorations. The menu features a variety of meat dishes, including cevapi, pljeskavica, and grilled meat skewers, as well as vegetarian options like grilled vegetables. Don't miss their homemade bread, grilled paprika and sopska salad. Prices are reasonable, with most dishes ranging from €8-€12.

Pop's Place: American Diner Classics

Pop's Pizza - Among European TOP-50

Pop's Pizza - Among European TOP-50

If you're craving some classic American diner food, Pop's Place is the perfect spot. This cozy diner serves up burgers, fries, milkshakes, and other classic dishes that will transport you back to the 1950s. Another great Pop's restaurant is 200 meters away and across the river - Pop's pizza, which offers a variety of italian foods and one of (if not the best) pizzas in Ljubljana. Prices for the most dishes ranging from €6-€12, pizzas €9-€15

Moji Struklji: Best Local Dumplings

Moji Struklji is a restaurant of local, slovenian foods, located right next to Tromostovje and Ljubljana market. It offers a variety of slovenian dishes, such as kranjska klobasa, jota, ricet and, of course struklji. These are traditional type of rolled dumplings. There is a wide range of varieties of struklji fillings: sour or sweet, cheese or chocolate, meat or berries. But here you can try everything! Prices are quite reasonable with the price of an ample dish or ricet stew or 1/2 klobasa and cabbage about €9-€10 and struklji €4-€6


Q: Are these restaurants located in the city center? A: Yes, all of these restaurants are located in or near the city center of Ljubljana.

Q: Do these restaurants accept credit cards? A: Yes, most of these restaurants accept credit cards, but it's always best to check beforehand.

Q: Do these restaurants have vegetarian or vegan options? A: Yes, most of these restaurants have vegetarian and/or vegan options on their menu.

Ljubljana may be a small city, but its culinary scene is anything but. With a variety of cuisines and dining options, there's something for everyone. And the best part is that you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy some delicious meals. These top 10 affordable Ljubljana restaurants offer tasty dishes at reasonable prices, making it easy to explore the city's food culture without breaking the bank.


Restaurant Cuisine Must-Try Dishes Address
Ljubljanski Dvor Italian Pizza, Pasta, Salads Dvorni trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Hood Burger Burger Joint Cheeseburger, Fries, Onion Rings Nazorjeva ulica 4, 1000 Ljubljana
Druga Violina Slovenian Kranjska Klobasa, Beef Goulash, Štruklji Stari trg 21, 1000 Ljubljana
Falafel Middle Eastern Falafel Wrap, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush Trubarjeva cesta 40, 1000 Ljubljana
Burek Olimpija Balkan Cheese Burek, Meat Burek, Spinach Burek Slovenska cesta 58, 1000 Ljubljana
TaBar Spanish Patatas Bravas, Churros, Croquetas Ribji trg 6, 1000 Ljubljana
Klobasarna Slovenian Sausages Kranjska Klobasa, Jota, Ricet Ciril-Metodov trg 15, 1000 Ljubljana
Sarajevo 84 Balkan Cevapi, Pljeskavica, Sopska salad, Prebranec Nazorjeva ulica 12, 1000 Ljubljana
Pop's Place American Diner Cheeseburger, Fries, Milkshake Čopova ulica 5a, 1000 Ljubljana
Moji Struklji Slovenian food Struklji, Jota, Ricet, Kranjska klobasa Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Affordable Restaurants and Food in Ljubljana