Plitvice Lakes Private Tour

Discover the Natural Marvels of Plitvice National Park from Ljubljana

Exploring Croatia’s natural wonder, the Plitvice National Park, from Ljubljana opens doors to an unparalleled adventure. Nestled in the heart of Europe, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a mosaic of 16 terraced lakes, interconnected by waterfalls and surrounded by lush greenery. Our tours from Ljubljana promise an immersive experience in this stunning landscape.

Unveiling the Enchanting Beauty of Plitvice Lakes

Magnificent Lakes and Waterfalls

The Park’s ethereal beauty lies in its emerald-hued lakes that cascade into each other, creating a series of stunning waterfalls. Visitors are spellbound by the crystal-clear waters and the interplay of light and nature’s hues.

Diverse Flora and Fauna

The diversity of flora and fauna within the park is awe-inspiring. From rare orchids to elusive wildlife like bears, wolves, and boars, Plitvice is a sanctuary of biodiversity. Our tours offer a chance to witness this thriving ecosystem up close.

Seamless Tours from Ljubljana

Tailored Experiences

Our tours are meticulously curated to ensure an unforgettable journey. From convenient transportation from Ljubljana to expert guides well-versed in the park's history and significance, every detail is accounted for.

Customizable Itineraries

We prioritize personalized experiences, allowing visitors to tailor their tours based on interests and time constraints. Whether it's leisurely strolls along the wooden pathways or adrenaline-packed adventures, our itineraries cater to diverse preferences.

Practical Information for Travelers

Travel Logistics

We provide hassle-free travel arrangements, ensuring a smooth transition from Ljubljana to Plitvice. With various transportation options and flexible schedules, accessibility is a priority.

Insider Tips and Recommendations

  • book and buy the tickets in advance
  • aim to reach the lakes as early as possible
  • try to avoid the "highest season" (July-September)

Choose a journey from Ljubljana to Plitvice National Park with our tailored tours. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and the tranquility of this UNESCO gem. Let us elevate your experience and make your visit to Plitvice an unforgettable adventure.

Approximate duration (from Ljubljana 12 hours
Total distance (from Ljubljana) 540 km
Price (from Ljubljana) Euro 550-600

The final duration and price depend on actual itinerary and season. Private tour is customizable and flexible.

The price is per vehicle and includes: English-speaking guide/driver, comfortable 7-seater minivan, parking fees, tolls, water.