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Postojna Cave: 10 facts.

Postojna cave stalagmite

Postojna Cave (Postojna Jama) - the main Slovenian cave.

Postojna cave Slovenia

It is difficult to describe SLovenian sights. First to mention is that they are hiding behind every corner. And whatever to depict, it starts to look as an advertising. It is difficult not to use those adjectives as "most", "best" or "extraodinary".
It's the same about Postojna: 5 km of miracles! First, using the railway-truck, 3,5 km into the depth of mountain, pressing yourself into a chair and tring to pull in the head, like a turtle, as it seems that the cave ceiling is just above your head. And after that a walk through the cave, following the cave-guide to see and to drink in all the information.
10 facts about the cave
1. It was first describesd in XVII century.
2. The cave was officially opened for visitors in 1818.
3. Among the first known visitors Austrian Emperor Franz I
4. The worlds largest salamander, cave species, with "human" skin, to live in the cave.
5. You are taken into the cave by a train for a distance of 3,5 km.
6. Concert hall in the cave can accomodate up to 10000 people. There is also Spaghetti hall and Big Mountain hall. There are halls up to 40 meters height.
7. First railway trucks were pushed by the guides themselves. So they had to be not only eloquent, but also tough.
8. Postojna cave received electric light even before Ljubljana did, in 1884.
9. There is the only one in the world bridge across abyss.
10. All this underground world was built by Pivka river: more than 24 km of cave system in Kras mountain area.
The names of the cave:
German: Adelberger Grotte
Italian: Grotte di Postumia
Slovenian: Postojna Jama
Close by: city of Postojna and Predjama castle, which resembles an open book with it's architecture. In this castle a well-known Slovenian "Robin Hood" Erasm of Predjama used to live.